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Second Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church

On October 10, 1918 a small group of Christians gathered on the corner of East Broad Street and Oglethorpe Lane to organize a church.  Rev E. D. Hamilton was the first Pastor of the newly organized Second Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church.  Some of the Founding members were: Sis Minnie Brantley, Sis. Emma Owens, Sis. Ethel Williams, Bro. Adam Cornell, Bro. James Chisholm, Bro. Willie Owens, Bro. Robert Young, and Pastor Hamilton. Bro. Adam Cornell served as the first Chairman of the Deacon Board. All Founding Members have been called from labor to reward. The Second Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church has been blessed with strong, dedicated, and Godly ministers from its inception. Each in his own way has laid firm foundation and set patterns for living and serving for all to follow.

The Late Rev. George Lee followed Rev. Hamilton. Then the Late Rev. Willie Garrett in 1929, followed by the late Rev. J.H. Larry. Deacon Percy Ford Sr. was elected chairman of the Deacon board under the pastorate of Rev. Willie Garrett, and served this position until he was called to glory in 1985.

 In 1936 Rev. W.K. Miller became the pastor. He served for 18 years. Under his leadership the church relocated to the corner of McAllister and Jackson Street from its original site of East Broad Street and Oglethorpe Lane. In 1946 the present church building was erected many members actively involved in the church were instrumental in the construction, physically, financially, and spiritually. Rev Miller was a strong leader, a loving minister and an inspiration to all.  In 1954 Rev Miller tenured his resignation.  Rev. Galbert R. Conner became pastor in 1956. Deacon Percy Ford Jr., Deacon Fred Dixon, Deacon Bellinger Smalls, Deacon Willie Smith, and Deacon Chris Simmons were ordained by Rev. Conner. Rev. Conner tenured his resignation in 1957.

 On April 8, 1958 the Second Ebenezer Communion called the late Rev. A.J Flewellen as pastor.  His keen insight led to the addition of a fellowship hall to the church. The fellowship hall contained a kitchen, pastor’s study and a dining /meeting area. Deacon Joseph Johnson played an active role in the renovations of the church building. The church burned its mortgage on September 23, 1964. Rev. Flewellen served faithfully and productively for nine years. He resigned in 1967. Rev. Alexander Scriven, son of the church served as interim pastor after Rev. Flewellen.        

Rev. Harold Baker delivered his first sermon as pastor of the Second Ebenezer fellowship on Sunday October 6, 1968. Rev Baker was an integral factor of all facets of the Second Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church, Inc. Rev. Earl Callaway was ordained as a minister of the gospel. The late Deacon Ben Ford,  Deacon Matthew Pace, the late Deacon Charlie McClendon, the late Deacon Lloyd Williamson, the late Deacon George Moultrie, Deacon James Davis, Deacon Elijah Blue, Deacon Horace Wiley, the late Deacon Clarence Grant, and the late Deacon Jeff Williams were ordained as deacons.  The late Deacon John Washington, Chairman of the Deacon board was ordained by Rev. Garrett. Sis Mamie Powell, Sis Margie Pace, the late Sis. Edith Wigg, the late Sis Mary Ford, the late Sis Emma Kearse, the late Sis. Addie McClendon, Sis. Joyce Davis, and Sis. Carolyn Trimble were consecrated as Deaconess.

In 1971 the educational complex was completed and occupied by the Second Ebenezer Baptist church Daycare program, the pastor and the office staff. The complex contains four classrooms, the assembly hall, the pastor’s study and a fully equipped church office. The mortgage for the educational complex was burned December 1985. Pastor Baker, a dynamic personality, and a great leader, was concerned and involved in the welfare of all mankind, members and non-members. Pastor Baker retired September 30, 2003.

October 1, 2003 Pastor  Ricardo R. Manuel, the present minister was given to Second Ebenezer by the Lord to pastor the lord’s people. Many souls have been won and many have been baptized. The Brotherhood, Sisterhood, Prison Ministry, and Christian Coalition against Crime Ministries were organized. Deacon Benjamin Jenkins, Deacon Darrell Dukes, Deacon Curtis Cooper , Deacon Ernie Davis and Deacon Charles DeJournette were ordained by Rev. Manuel. Sis. Janise Jenkins, Sis Tarnisha Dukes, Sis. Raynell Cooper, and Sis. Tara Davis were consecrated as Deaconess. Minister Brenda Steadman, Minister Antonio Powell, Minister Jerome Irwin and Minister Walter Kinlaw were ordained as Reverend. In 2004, the Brotherhood Ministry began feeding the homeless every fourth Friday at the Inner City Night Shelter. In 2007 the afterschool mentoring and mentoring at Spencer Elementary School was started and the after-school  feeding program for youth in the community at Second Ebenezer was started. March 2011 the feeding program began feeding the homeless in the afternoon. Pastor Manuel loves evangelism and winning souls for Christ.  God gets all the glory and praise!


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